Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids… Many people don’t realize that hearing loss can be effectively treated with hearing aids. Untreated hearing loss causes social stress, tension and fatigue for the person with hearing loss as well as for family members, friends and co-workers.

Our aim is to improve your quality of life by helping you hear better!

Our Audiologist should be able to help you choose the right type of hearing aids based on the degree and type of your hearing loss, your hearing difficulty, your hearing needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

You and your audiologist will discuss your typical communication activities: at home with family, at work, in social activities and in leisure. You are a very important partner in this discussion. Your input will help to decide the type and style of hearing aid recommended as well as what level of technology you will require. And, if we fit you with a hearing device we don’t leave you alone. We give you the best ongoing support all through the adaptation period.

Fitting hearing aids is our specialty! We provide a wide range of advanced hearing instruments including the following:

  • All major brands and models
  • All styles including Completely in the Canal hearing aids
  • Digital as well as programmable and conventional analogue aids
  • Automatic, remote control and volume control hearing aids
  • Multi-channel compression hearing aids
  • Multi-program hearing aids
  • Multi-microphones and directional hearing aids
  • Bluetooth & Wireless technologies
  • Assistive hearing devices