About Us

Our team at Ascend Child Development Center is best known for doing things a little different, formulating robust customised techniques for each patient, prioritising the day-to-day communication needs with an ultimate goal to achieve effective communication.

A team of qualified and experienced professionals of Occupational Therapy are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service in a personalized, caring environment in Hyderabad.  We are proud to have been serving the children and adults with Occupational Therapy issues across the globe for over 8 years.

Ascend Child Development Centre provides a various evaluations and treatment programs for individuals of all ages. The evaluation aims to identify and describe areas of strength and weakness related to speech, language, voice, fluency and hearing as well those factors that prevent or facilitate effective communication in everyday life. Treatment programs are based on needs identified during the evaluation, by capitalizing on an individual’s strengths and reducing barriers to effective communication. Therapy is carried out under the direction of certified speech-language pathologists and audiologists.


Occupation Therapy

Occupational Therapists are health care professional who work with children a to help them engage in day-to-day activities. These activities can include self-care, school participation, and play.

Speech Pathology Services

  • Evaluation and Individual Therapy Plans for Children and Adults
  • Articulation Evaluation and Therapy
  • Voice Evaluations and Therapy
  • Fluency/Stuttering Therapy
  • Receptive and Expressive Language Evaluation and Therapy
  • Oral Motor Evaluation and Therapy
  • Stroke and Cognitive Therapy
  • Auditory Processing Therapy

Ascend exclusively offers online evaluation and treatment for adults with voice, fluency and related issues.

Special Education and Behaviour Therapy

Ascend Child Development Centre provides educational support services to help students better understand and overcome problems in reading, writing, spelling and attention/memory. We focus on applying the laws of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) to help increase appropriate behaviours, improve communication skills and verbal behaviour, and reducing problem behaviours in the process. Our centre offers individual tutoring and support.